Jaroslawiec is a famous tourist destination, situated in the heart of Polish coast, in the county sławieński, between Ustka and Darlowo. It is among the most picturesque coastal town in Poland. The attractive and unique atmosphere of Jarosławiec is its location. Powerful cliff on which it lies, rises up to 45m above sea level and is rich in scenic places to ensure an unforgettable experience, and wide sandy beach, a cliff that goes in the western part of the village, is a perfect place of blissful rest in the sun. With the exits of the distant sea, and the fact that nearby there is no industry nor the mouths of larger rivers, sea water has the highest grade of purity here.



In Jaroslawiec is also Poland's largest water park, which can be great to spend time with family and friends. Evergreen conifer forests, which is surrounded by the resort are perfect for walking and cycling, while in autumn - a true paradise for mushroom pickers. For the weary rush of life Jarosławiec proposed trip rides or boat trips.




Above all dominates built in 1829, high at over 33 meters a lighthouse, whose light reaches the windows of our pension. From its terrace offers a breathtaking view of the sea and two nearby lakes - Wicko and Kopań.



Moreover Jarosławiec invites you to fry, smoke chamber, a number of bars that stretch along the new paved streets stylized illuminated lanterns.



This small place is teeming with life and turns into a place to rest and entertainment.

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