Finns believe that the sauna is a special place, almost sacred, where apply special rules of stay.


In sauna you should not speak loudly, use obscene words, quarrel. Promises given in sauna are binding, and anyone who violates the laws of sauna loses face forever. The sauna is resting, healing body and soul. In sauna people are also arranging the important matters, not just private, but the unions and even the state. Sauna links so family, friends, colleagues, sometimes even nations.



High temperature Finnish sauna (70 ° - 100 ° C) and low humidity in the cabin (5 - 20%) cause severe overheating of the skin and produce the following effects:

  • speed up the metabolism and inhibit the multiplication of viruses and pathogenic bacteria,
  • force the circulatory system to work harder, which strengthens the heart muscle and reduces diastolic blood pressure,
  • stimulate the innervation of peripheral blood vessels, which relieves pain and speeds up the treatment of sprains, limb vascular disease, arthritis and muscle pain in the limbs,
  • remove the water from the body and with it the toxins,
  • provide relaxation, which enhances the overall sense of health and well-being.



Steam room (often called a bit confusing steam bath) has a tradition as rich as the Finnish sauna, but it comes from the other end of Europe. You can find its roots in the Roman thermal springs and Turkish hammanach. The relatively low temperature (60 ° C)and varied, but always high humidity gives us the opportunity to feel the steam bath unique climates, from warm climate of the islands in the seas to the climate over the Amazon jungle. Depending on the relationship between temperature and humidity in the bath, we are talking about different types of steam baths: baths in dry steam baths in a pair of soft and wet bath for a few (Turkish baths). To capture the differences between the various steam rooms and sauna in the table beside the data on temperature and humidity in the sauna.



  • Finnish sauna climate Recommended: Temperature 70 - 90 ° C / Humidity 5 - 20%
  • Recommended dry climate of the bath for a few: Temperature 40 - 60 ° C / Humidity 10 - 30%
  • Recommended to the soft climate of the bath a few: Temperature 40 - 60 ° C / Humidity 40 - 60%
  • Recommended to the wet climate of a pair of bath (Hammam): Temperature 40 - 60 ° C / Humidity 60 - 100%


Climate of the steam bath is achieved through the use of furnaces, which besides being a warm room to the right temperature, they also have the ability to generate steam in a suitable, desired by the user quantity. These cabins can be made of wood.



Sometimes the steam bath apply a slightly different technique to obtain the temperature and humidity in the room: the walls are heated cabin and a pair of special generators produce. These cabs are built usually with ceramic materials.
The extraordinary attraction of steam baths is that they can take a bath or a herbal bath in the aromas of essential oils, if the couple will be enriched by the fragrant and medicinal substances.



The full effect of the steam sauna is a full body hydrotherapy. While the traditional Finnish sauna, through the high temperature causes sweating and the elimination of the skin through metabolic processes, the more water vapor, often enriched with herbal infusions and essential oils, penetrates the skin and flushes out harmful products from it. Deep moisturizing and nourishment of the skin - our largest organ and nourishing cleaning, cosmetic and medical work. "Sanitas per aquam" - Latin phrase from which the first letters of the acronym comes from the SPA, appearing today in the names of many hotels and beauty farm - it means "health through water"!

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